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JKLK are plumbing experts. Thats why our clients want us to upgrade their kitchens and bathrooms, install their pumps on farms or in residential areas or repair burst pipes or geysers. It’s best to get a quote from us for any construction job that involves any plumbing, because that is key when building: ensuring your building and plumbing are planned together and built by the same company. Phone us now to get a quote: 082 944 2299

High Standards

We apply classical high standards to our workmanship

Owner Presence

Johan Kruger is personally involved with each project.


We stand behind our work and have a proven track record of satisfied clients.

Johan Kruger

Johan Kruger




Bathroom design and upgrades


Kitchen design and upgrades


Plumbing related construction

JKLK Loodgieter & Konstruksie

Rainwater Harvesting

Installation and repair service


Installation and repair service


Burst pipes, burst geysers etc.

“Uitstekende diens. My kombuis lyk fantasties”

Lisa Brede

“Thank you Johan for saving my bathroom project”

Tim Watson

“As jy konstruksie wil doen op jou huis, kontak Johan”

Lily Van Der Skaap

“Organised, affordable and exceptional quality”

Riaan Wessels

We serve the greater Northern Sububs area. Johan Kruger works personally on each project. Being an expert on water, he is in a unique position to solve all water related issues, from pumps to pipes, from pools to dams and everything in between. Make contact with Johan at your earliest convenience, either by phone or email, so he can do a site inspection and create a quote for you. Based on our lengthy track record, you’re guaranteed satisfaction with our workmanship.


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